What is Secular Buddhism and How Should We Approach Faith in Buddhism? (Q&A Session December’20)

Duration 49:45

Questions answered during our Q&A session:
(Begun answering both questions at 8:10)

** I came to Buddhism initially from a western, secular perspective but over recent months have taken on a more devotional path as a Theravadin Buddhist. I now find myself having more belief in things like rebirth, however, I feel a sense of embarrassment in having beliefs about things without evidence. Until recently I’d considered myself an atheist and I have a good understanding of critical thinking, so I feel a small sense of shame in my own inconsistency. How do I approach the element of faith, is it useful or harmful from a Buddhist perspective?

** Would you go into what is Secular Buddhism? What are their tenets and what are the ideas that distinguish them from traditional Buddhism? What led to them using the term secular? How does this relate to the mindfulness movement?