What is Reasonable Self Defense For a Buddhist, Why Does Tibetan Buddhism Show Deities Having Sex and more… (Q&A Session May’19)

Duration 1:8:36

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

2:08 What is a typical week and typical day like for you?

11:06 Is breath meditation a viable path to enlightenment on its own or does this need to be accompanied with other methods?

17:13 I’m struggling with the concept and development of introspective awareness. I try to follow the breath and be aware of things happening in my mind at the same time. But as far as I understand it, you are supposed to be aware of these things somehow in the background without alternating between the breath and the other things going on. Is it supposed to work that way?

24:18 I’ve been reading a lot in regard to dealing with anger and resentment and also practicing compassion for others; however, during the course of any given day, my mind suddenly slips into an anger rage, especially towards my father. I try to control these rages in my head, but these angry thoughts just seem to come back again on another day. It feels that this resentment does not seem to fade, no matter how much I practice and read about anger.

47:04 Why do so many pictures in Tibetan Buddhism show Buddhas having sex with their consorts? Is sex a part of Tibetan Buddhism? Tantra?

55:39 Any good suggestions for walking meditation for couples?

58:54 What do you think is reasonable self defense for a practitioner of Buddhism?