What Happens to the Mind after Enlightenment, How to Practice Non-Attachment and more… (Q&A Session October’18)

Duration 1:18:47

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

2:48 Did the Buddha have anything to say about mental illness? What advice would you give to someone who suffers from mental illness but who also wants to achieve enlightenment? And how may the Buddha have viewed the use of psych medications?

27:06 It is said that the mind has no beginning and no end. Will it then be somewhere until endless time? What happens to it when it becomes enlightened? What drives the mind after the realisation?

35:40 When I received my Reiki training, my teacher physically transmitted an enhanced ability to his students from Mikao Usui. So without a Tibetan Buddhist teacher to give a transmission, can I really progress?

40:46 How can we practice non-attachment and achieve a balance, which eventually does not cause suffering?

49:36 What is yours and the wider Buddhist communities view on secular Buddhism? I am drawn to Buddhism, however, the standard Buddhist schools have some concepts or beliefs e.g. karma, reincarnation, too far from my experience, to be able to reasonably accept.

1:02:28 How can we practice forgiveness with crooked political leaders, narcissists, mean-spirited, and/or self-absorbed and selfish people? I often struggle with the unachievable need to “fix society”.

1:15:50 Do you have any recommendations for commentaries on sutras that I might find comprehensible? I have a difficult time understanding the original texts and their translations.