What Are Your Views On Right Livelihood and Navigating Potential Ethical Dilemmas, How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Death and more… (Q&A Session April’21)

Duration 1:24:28

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

2:52 I wonder what views you have on right livelihood in the eightfold path, and the possible ethical dilemmas some people might face if they find themselves in an occupation that is in conflict with their Buddhist ethics?

25:22 How does one differentiate a teaching or a lineage and the core teachings if they have found out some controversies. I feel if you dig deep into any organization you will find controversial opinions or events, but can still benefit greatly from the teachings.

35:16 I have recently started TM practice and it has had a profound effect on me. I have stopped doing Tantric practice since. How do I remain respectful of vows I may have taken. I am not sure if I would do Tantric practice on a regular basis after having the experiences I have had.

50:03 I’ve a question regarding consciousness and rebirth. My understanding is we have numerous types of consciousness, our senses which basically interpret the world, and store consciousness is where we store the seeds of memory. When we go about our lives, we are using both, and the actions, intentions (good or bad) come from these areas of consciousness. If we follow the Eight Fold Path we are planting good seeds in Store Consciousness. As we build good merit, good seeds, then our actions follow. As this store consciousness is always changing then there is no solid single self, it’s an impermanent quality of memories, changing minute by minute. And therefore what is reborn? And my interpretation is the merit is reborn, the seeds accumulated, just as your carbon goes around and around so does merit? Any corrections, any additions truly welcome.

56:35 I have the question I was to ask before the previous one popped up. It’s around our obsession with living and how this obsession causes so much suffering especially when we are waiting for a diagnosis or get diagnosed with something. My question is how best we should un-cling from fearing the inevitable. It seems to be a core Buddhist teaching especially when one is a monk but us lay sorts seem to not focus on this, and then suffer when the time comes.

1:15:31 My question is how are you doing? **Mindah gives a health update**