Mindah was raised by a Malaysian-Chinese mother and Australian father. Although her uncle introduced her to Buddhism in her teenage years, it was until her late 20s that she suddenly realized that Buddhism was something she wanted to seriously study and practice. After only a year of practice, Mindah became ordained as a nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and went into solitary meditation retreat. Overall, she spent a total of three years in retreat. Towards the end of her retreat, it became clear to her that she wanted to teach Buddhism and in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to other people. So she set about creating a YouTube channel, called The Enthusiastic Buddhist, and started posting regular videos to it.

A lot of Mindah’s study and practice has been in the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism, but she first started out in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. She owes her deep understanding of the fundamentals of Buddhism to the Theravada teachers she followed. Mindah teaches in an eclectic manner to help give you exposure to each of the different schools, so you can decide which school is better suited to you.

While Mindah has practiced Buddhism intensively for over sixteen years, she prefers to be seen as a spiritual friend, rather than a teacher. She hopes that her personal style in delivering the teachings is a catalyst for you to better understand the Buddha’s teachings, that it inspires you to practice and encourages you to look for esteemed teachers within your local area.

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