Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator Guide

Duration 10:54

The Buddha highly praised the practice of meditation and its importance for paving the way to enlightenment. But what does the path of a meditator actually look like? What can we expect to experience during meditation and post-meditationally too? Are there really clear indicators of progress on the path?

In this video, I introduce you to an inspirational resource called the Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator Guide that I’ve created to help take all the guesswork out for you. This guide will save you years of study and confusion. Inspired by the teachings on the Nine Stages of Calm Abiding, this guide gives you a clearly defined and easy-to-follow road-map of the different experiences you can have in meditation so that you know exactly where you are in terms of your practice and what obstacles you need to overcome in order to move to the next stage. No matter what your experience level, this guide will help you to identify where you are in the overall framework of the Buddhist path and show you what steps you can take in order to make progress on the path.