Should We Stop Watching Competitions (Like Sports) Because One Side Loses, How to Properly Understand Emptiness and more… (Q&A Session February’19)

Duration 57:15

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

2:51 I find that I’m more open to meditating after a yoga session. Is that typical and if so, does that mean that I should include yoga into my practice or is there a way to move past the need to do yoga?

11:03 As a trained and certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga, I am afraid I am swaying my students away from the truth of life. How can I deal with this inner conflict?

20:07 As a Zen practitioner I often chant the Heart Sutra but I have difficulty understanding the meaning of it. I find myself trapped in this emptiness, as if any meaning we give to life is “only” circumstantial, as if it is only a matter of choice. Usually when this kind of relativism gets too strong in me I quit Buddhism altogether and tend to swing to the other end of the spectrum. Is it possible for you to explain this concept more?

36:09 Ajahn Brahm says it’s not good to watch sports because one side loses. I guess this applies to any competition TV shows too. Do I need to stop watching baseball and The Great British Bake Off? Does this create bad karma?

43:42 Could you teach on the Dhammapada?

46:41 Did you have to pay tuition to become a nun?

49:49 How do we evaluate a particular monastery or school?