Should We Include Psychedelics in Buddhist Practice, How to Understand Non-Duality and more… (Q&A Session March’19)

Duration 55:32

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

1:14 How does Buddhism view dragons? Are they benevolent creatures that wish for and offer us good fortune and even guardianship? Can they take human form?

13:09 There seems to be a substantial renaissance phase in America (and Western countries in general) in the use of psychedelics (i.e. Ayahuasca, MDMA (ecstasy), LSD or Cannabis) in Buddhist practice. Can these aid in meditation? Are there any positives to a symbiosis of Buddhist Meditating and Ritualized Psychedelic use?

25:42 Due to advanced dementia we’ve had to put my 84 year old mother into a memory care facility. She needs a level of care we just can’t provide her. It’s brought on a slew of emotions. I’ve felt anger, guilt and at times crushing sadness. What’s the best way to shake this negativity?

36:46 I’m having trouble understanding non-duality. Can you explain it more?

48:37 I have problems with the concept of no-self. I know to truly understand it, you need to experience it, but from an intellectual perspective I find it hard to grasp. And I don’t understand how this can be compatible with the idea of reincarnation in Buddhism. How can something that has no self be reincarnated?