How to Control Anger, Is all Clinging Bad and more… (Q&A Session Nov’17)

Duration 1:16:39

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

3:47 I have lived with anxiety all my life and have had two bouts of depression. The Buddhist teaching of accepting what is and not fighting to change it has helped a lot but it also makes me feel that we are just accepting all the bad stuff also. My question is how do we find a balance of accepting things as they are and working to improve ours and others lives at the same time?

11:23 What is the view on competition in Buddhism in order to be better at something. It seems to me that it is not so popular, because competition could enhance jealousy end envy, but is it so?

15:56 Buddhism says that clinging is not good. What about clinging to people we love, to our children for example? Is this kind of clinging acceptable? Does it help us or our children? Can you love without clinging?

23:43 My question is about harming other people (without intention). I work as a German doctor and hopefully change the life of some people to the better. However, how can I overcome guilt and fear to better help my patients?

34:14 Is it important to find a local Buddhist support community in addition to an online community?

38:38 When compared, Theravada, Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism are quite different in practice with their rites and rituals, and wrong views which must be rid of in the 10 fetters. How can we understand this?

48:45 Can you explain about the defilements hatred, anger, aversion, greed etc. Are we born with so much in us and with meditation you get rid of the defilements gradually?

55:12 I have a lot of problems with habitual reactivity, mine coming in the form of instant anger and irritability. I have been dealing with this for eons. I know the idea is to pause and catch the reaction before it occurs, but I find it almost impossible to do this. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

1:08:24 I’ve always had difficulty understanding how memories and karma seeds can exist in the context of moment-to-moment arising and ceasing. Yogacara seems to explain it with store-consciousness, but is this store consciousness compatible with classic Abhidhamma or Madhyamaka?