Are Plants Sentient Beings, How Can We Practice Unconditional Love and Compassion without Attachment and more… (Q&A Session May’18)

Duration 56:5

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

3:35 What are your thoughts and suggestions on practice while navigating through different Buddhist traditions? I struggle a little with practicing a mixed-model – as practitioners and teachers of different traditions seem rather uncomfortable even recognizing practices of others.

18:48 I have been watching some YouTube videos about ego death. Is ego death a thing? If you realize no self what was there to die?

22:07 I have been trying to be more compassionate and refrain from killing insects, worms, and other creepy crawlies. What about plants though? Did Buddha specifically say plants were not sentient beings?

25:19 I have a question related to Buddhist Precepts. What is the Buddhist opinion on being glamorous? Is it ok for males & females to dress up in provoking clothes just to be more attractive (sexually) to the opposite sex?

28:19 There is a lot of violent and sexual themes in our entertainment, from movies to the news to the internet. At what point is indulging in adult themed entertainment breaking the five precepts. I am sure Buddha would not condone horror movies, porn or first person shooter games?

34:37 How can we fully experience deep unconditional love and compassion for a child, friend, partner and/or parents and at the same time practice non-attachment? When I practice non-attachment to loved ones, it feels like my heart is shutting down.

42:07 Can you explain the different types of meditation and their importance, especially Samatha, Vipassana and analytical meditation. I don’t really understand when to practice which kind. Is it sufficient to just follow your breath the whole time or should you also mix it with analytical meditation to transform your perspective?

51:13 If I don’t understand the words (because I don’t understand Tibetan) would recordings of Buddhist practices do me any good (or bad)?