Can We Really Develop Mindfulness with Short Daily Meditation, How is Merit Shared or Transferred and more… (Q&A Session Mar’18)

Duration 1:10:43

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

1:18 Can we really develop mindfulness to a strong degree when we only do short meditations every day (around 20 or 30 minutes)?

12:42 I find that when I meditate, at some point my eyes tend to twitch, my body feels quite heavy, sometimes twitches, and it’s as if I am waiting for something to happen. Any advice?

18:44 Is it possible to try too hard to force meditation and/or the teachings to solve my problems? I feel as if I am working so hard and just making myself feel worse.

26:42 According to my fellow Buddhist friends, merits can be shared or transferred. How does sharing of merits work?

38:18 How do we deal with feelings of unworthiness? And how does someone like Hitler have the same value as a compassionate good person and be capable of Buddha nature?

45:23 What are the seven factors of enlightenment?

56:04 How do we know that we are making progress along the path when we do not recognize passing an obvious milestone, result in meditation, or other signs of development?

1:05:08 There seems to be a biochemical explanation for feeling good after exercise. Has this phenomenon ever been addressed in Buddhist teachings?