Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination in Meditation

Duration 27:19

This wasn’t a highly requested video for me to make, but trust me, it’s one of the most important topics every aspiring meditator needs to look at when they first begin their meditation journey. In the beginning, meditation practice might be easy, because you’ve been inspired by something you have read or heard. Perhaps you read about the great meditation masters of the past and some of the things they were able to achieve as a result of their meditation. But what happens when that initial inspiration starts to wear off? How do you deal with the many convincing arguments your mind tells you as to why you shouldn’t meditate now, but later?

Being able to identify and overcome laziness and procrastination is half the battle when we want to establish a regular meditation practice. In this video I provide helpful tips and discuss four antidotes that will help you move from procrastination to inspired!