The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Introduction

Duration 25:3

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding are nine distinct levels of concentration that we can experience from the very beginning to the advanced levels of meditation (where we have the realization of selflessness, meaning that we understand that there is no permanent self or I). These stages take us from having a completely distracted and wild mind that is like an untamed elephant, to having a mind that is completely pacified and able to stay in meditative absorption for days.

In this video, I provide an introduction to the teachings of the Nine Stages of Calm Abiding. I also introduce the image known as the Taming the Elephant Mind, which is a symbolic representation of what a meditator experiences as they progress through these Nine Stages of Calm Abiding.

Once you know what these stages are, it’s going to change your whole understanding of what progress in meditation actually looks like. The teachings on the Nine Stages of Calm Abiding will give you a clear understanding of the different levels of concentration that you can reach and experience so you know exactly where you are in your meditative journey and what you need to do to progress to the next level.