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Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator Guide

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Introduction

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage One

How to Overcome Gross Agitation (a Restless Mind) in Meditation

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Two

Following the Breath Meditation – Instructions

What is the Middle Way, Emptiness and more… (Q&A Session Oct’17)

Dealing with Pain in Meditation

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Three

How to Control Anger, Is all Clinging Bad and more… (Q&A Session Nov’17)

How to Deal with Difficult People in Your Life

Why I Stopped Being a Nun, How an Animal Can Gain a Human Rebirth and more… (Q&A Session Dec’17)

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Three Benefits

Dealing with Attachment

How to Overcome Gross Dullness (Falling Asleep) in Meditation

How to Find Time to Meditate, How to Pray in Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session Jan’18)

Karma Part II: Positive, Neutral and Negative

Buddhist Views on Euthanasia

What are the Benefits of Meditation Retreats, How to Become a Buddhist Monk and more… (Q&A Session Feb’18)

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Four

Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination in Meditation

Can We Really Develop Mindfulness with Short Daily Meditation, How is Merit Shared or Transferred and more… (Q&A Session Mar’18)

Dependent Origination

The 6 Realms of Existence

Is It Wrong Not to Desire Enlightenment, What are the Buddhist Views on Sex Change and more… (Q&A Session April’18)

How to Become a Buddhist (Taking Refuge)

The Five Buddhist Precepts

Are Plants Sentient Beings, How Can We Practice Unconditional Love and Compassion without Attachment and more… (Q&A Session May’18)

Introduction to Analytical Meditation

Meditation on the Faults and Suffering of Samsara – Introduction

Guided Meditation on the Faults and Suffering of Samsara

The Benefits of Cultivating Equanimity

Guided Meditation on Cultivating Equanimity

Do You Need a Buddhist Teacher, Suicide in Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session June’18)

Karma Part III: Purifying Negative Karma

How to Deal with Anger

How to Deal with Difficult Parents, Difference between Samatha, Vipassana and Analytical Meditation and more… (Q&A Session July’18)

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Five

Journey Through the Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Some Words of Encouragement

How the Buddha Would Deal With Anxiety and Depression, Similarities Between Psychology and Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session August’18)

Dealing with Insects (the Buddhist Way)

Buddhist View on Exercise, How to Calm an Agitated Mind and more… (Q&A Session September’18)

Karma Part IV: Difference between Karma and Merit

Differences Between Schools of Buddhism and Which Buddhist School is Right for You

A Buddhist Approach to Overcoming Perfectionism

What Happens to the Mind after Enlightenment, How to Practice Non-Attachment and more… (Q&A Session October’18)

How to Practice Right Speech

Guided Meditation on the Sameness of Self and Others

Why Are Some Controversial Teachers Still Revered, Did the Buddha Speak about the Unconscious Mind and more… (Q&A Session November’18)

Buddhist Celebrations and Important Days for Practice

How Does Buddhism Interpret Dreams, How to Do Well At Work Without Attachment to the Outcome and more… (Q&A Session December’18)

Practicing Generosity

Overcoming Lust & Sexual Desire (Masturbation, Pornography & Other Addictions)

How to Practice Kind Speech with Employees and Stubborn People, How to Deal with Fear and more… (Q&A Session January’19)

The Benefits of Practicing Confession in Buddhism

Confession to the Thirty-Five Buddhas

Should We Stop Watching Competitions (Like Sports) Because One Side Loses, How to Properly Understand Emptiness and more… (Q&A Session February’19)

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Six

Should We Include Psychedelics in Buddhist Practice, How to Understand Non-Duality and more… (Q&A Session March’19)

How to Become Free From Fear

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Seven

If We Can’t Live on Earth Where Would Our Consciousnesses Go, What is the Buddhist View on Love and Marriage and more… (Q&A Session April’19)

Overcoming Subtle Dullness in Meditation

What is Reasonable Self Defense For a Buddhist, Why Does Tibetan Buddhism Show Deities Having Sex and more… (Q&A Session May’19)

Three Years as a Buddhist Nun

8 Auspicious Symbols in Buddhism

The Nine Stages of Calm Abiding – Stage Eight

Trouble with Certain Phrases in Metta Meditation, How Should Rapists and Murderers be Dealt with in Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session August’19)

Characteristics of the Four Jhanas

What are 3 Critical Steps for a Beginner in Buddhism, Difference Between Contemplation and Meditation and more… (Q&A Session September’19)

Prostrations: Their Meaning and How To Do Them

What Lessons Did You Gain as a Buddhist Nun, Are We All Inherently Good and more… (Q&A Session October’19)

Practicing Forgiveness

Can We Trust the Teachings if a Teacher Engages in Sexual Misconduct, Difference Between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session November’19)

Overcoming Agitation in Meditation (Advanced Techniques)

Does Renunciation Mean Letting Go of Attachment or Consumption Itself, How to Navigate Social Relationships When Practicing the Path and more… (Q&A Session December’19)

Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism

What Prayers Can We Do For the Deceased, Is It Harder to Become Awakened Now Compared to the Buddha’s Time and more… (Q&A Session January’20)

Buddha’s Teachings on Death Part One: Our Death

How to Have Goals But Still Enjoy the Present Without Hope of Success or Fear of Failure (Q&A Session February’20)

Buddha’s Teachings on Death Part Two: Loved Ones

Can You Share More About Your Solitary Retreats, How Can We Incorporate Prayer Into Daily Practice and more… (Q&A Session April’20)

How to Inspire Your Best Meditations (The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind)

Is Buddhism Becoming Increasingly Complex and Ritualistic, Why Stop the Cycle of Rebirth If My Life Is Getting Better and more… (Q&A Session June’20)

How Can We Remember the Buddha’s Teachings During Conversations, What Does Compassion Mean in Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session August’20)

Why Is It So Easy to Fall Back in The Spiritual Life, How Can We Help People Who Are Like Hungry Ghosts and more… (Q&A Session October’20)

What is Secular Buddhism and How Should We Approach Faith in Buddhism? (Q&A Session December’20)

How to Balance the Pressures of Mundane Life with Our Spiritual Calling and How Can We Apply the Diamond Sutra Teaching? (Q&A Session February’21)

What Are Your Views On Right Livelihood and Navigating Potential Ethical Dilemmas, How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Death and more… (Q&A Session April’21)

Is All Desire Considered Craving and Why Are Many Buddhist Teachings About Attaining Happiness When It Is Impermanent and more… (Q&A Session June’21)

Can Psychopaths Cultivate Compassion and Is There a Recommended Structure When Doing Analytical Meditations and more… (Q&A Session November’21)

How to Perceive Thich Nhat Hanh’s Passing and What is a Vajra (Q&A Session January’22)

How to Accelerate the Ripening of Favorable Material Conditions and What is the Buddhist View of Guilt (Q&A Session March’22)

Can Non-Monogamy Be Ethical From a Buddhist Perspective, If Buddhists Don’t Idol Worship Why Have Buddha Statues and more… (Q&A Session August’22)

How Does Buddhism Explain Different End-of-Life Experiences and Which Mantras Should We Recite (Q&A Session October’22)

How to Resume Meditation Practice After a Long Break and How to Practice the Bhavananuyutta Sutta (Mental Development Discourse) (Q&A Session December’22)

What Were the Most Interesting Changes You Experienced From Your 3-Year Retreat and What Were Your Motivations/Expectations? (Q&A Session February’23)

How to Decrease My Fear of Dying, How to Reduce Attachment to a Sports Team and more… (Q&A Session July’23)

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