Is It Wrong Not to Desire Enlightenment, What are the Buddhist Views on Sex Change and more… (Q&A Session April’18)

Duration 1:21:38

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

1:34 Is it ‘wrong’ of me not to desire enlightenment? I enjoy meditation and have been doing it for years. My purpose in meditating is to remain calm and be free of stress and worry as far as possible.

9:33 When I try to do metta meditation, the warm glowing feeling people talk about doesn’t appear for me. Do you have any tips or advice on how to do it successfully?

15:44 I was wondering about the Buddha and the people that tried to kill him. I heard there were many attempts. Can you explain why they’d want to possibly kill the Buddha and how did the Buddha handle these situations?

25:32 Can you offer some clarification in the different schools? I have a book on it, but it seems too scholarly. I want to take my precepts but I am unsure which tradition would fit me best.

38:00 I was just wondering if I got the idea of death in Buddhism correct. The Death realm is just an extension of the mental realm. The brain and body influence the stream conscious and vice-versa. They have a symbiotic relationship. Then, through understanding emptiness of the mind, you stop creating karma. So your actions no longer matter. Correct?

48:45 When Thich Nhat Hanh talks about “no birth, no death” and uses the analogy of water turning to rain, how does this apply to people and the teachings of no self?

56:04 What are the views in Buddhism about having a sex change?

1:05:12 How does Buddhism view people who make the decision to live beyond their means in the sense of having kids that they cannot afford and therefore creating so much suffering?