Is All Desire Considered Craving and Why Are Many Buddhist Teachings About Attaining Happiness When It Is Impermanent and more… (Q&A Session June’21)

Duration 46:36

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

00:22 I am a member of Enthusiastic Buddhist Society for more than a year now, enjoying your videos and teaching. I will move towards my next phase of career soon and will have more time to ‘practice’. What does practice mean for an ordinary person like me and what would you recommend as the type of meditation to practice and at what pace?

8:14 How can I utilize Buddhism to make radical changes in my life? Are there Suttas where people’s lives have changed after encountering the Buddha?

20:07 It seems many of the Buddhist teachings are around attaining Happiness. In itself that seems to be a form of craving or clinging therefore suffering. How can we want happiness, work towards happiness, and not suffer. Happiness like everything, is not permanent so we will be in a cycle of suffering and more suffering. In fact for me happiness is a fleeting experience, quite rare, yet I enjoy a sense of contentment quite often, not craving it, but just being there… so to speak. (Age has definitely an impact here..).

32:59 Question: do you consider all desire to be craving, or do you distinguish between degrees of desire? If the latter, at what point does desire become craving?

38:29 How do end suffering? How do we know if our current problems are due to past or present accumulated bad Karma? How do we turn it around?