How to Deal with Difficult Parents, Difference between Samatha, Vipassana and Analytical Meditation and more… (Q&A Session July’18)

Duration 1:12

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

1:50 When I visit my mum, I always try to kindly remind her that I’m vegetarian before she makes dinner, however she seems to forget and serves me meat anyway. My anger and resentment rises very quickly in these situations but I try to remain calm. How should I react to her? What’s the best thing to say to her? I find this very hard as it feels she is disrespecting my principles.

15:40 What do the four Tibetan Buddhist schools have in common, and where do they differ from each other? And what is samaya?

23:50 Is guilt about spending money for oneself (video games, movies, etc.) a good feeling to arise or not? Is it a sign that progress is being made on the Path or is it just some form of negative ego-reinforcement that should be let go of?

33:06 What is the relationship between good karma and merits? Are merits the product of good karmic deeds?

40:52 What is the difference between Samatha, insight and analytical meditation? Are concentration meditations done in preparation for analytical meditations? I’ve heard analytical meditations transform your thinking and are the ones we should do regularly. Should I just do what I feel most comfortable with?

54:56 How does Tao fit in with Buddhism?