How to Balance the Pressures of Mundane Life with Our Spiritual Calling and How Can We Apply the Diamond Sutra Teaching? (Q&A Session February’21)

Duration 1:17:41

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

5:39 I’ve been struggling with balancing my career calling and my spiritual calling. I believe my ultimate purpose in life is a religious one and I try my best to put effort into my practice each day. However, as much as I love the idea of giving away all my possessions and living a holy life up in the mountains, I have this strong sense of duty to my family and community to pursue a career in something I enjoy that would help me give back in a Buddhist way. There’s also this intense pressure as a lay person to be a functional member of society (pay taxes, raise a family, own a home etc) . What would you consider to be the “middle way” to this problem? Can you share how YOU do it?

27:31 I’d love your take on Buddha nature. Is it the same as or similar to Anatta. My Buddhist existentialism is based on Anicca, Anatta, Dukkha and ill throw Metta in as well. Do all four affect each other in a system which ultimately reduces Dukkha, reducing craving and strengthen Anatta or Buddha nature towards enlightenment?

43:03 Pingiya was at the end of his life and asked the Buddha to teach him the Dhamma. What would be your interpretation of “let go of the body” how does one practice letting go of the body?
I really love this story and always thought the Buddha was referring to the aggregates and releasing them as “letting go of the body” but I wonder if I got it wrong. What is your interpretation and how can I practice letting go of the body?

51:26 What is the Buddhist view on abortion and euthanasia? Does this view vary according to different Buddhist schools? Has this view changed over time?

1:00:51 I’ve been studying the Diamond Sutra. I think I understand it, but how do I move from knowledge to wisdom? Sometimes I can empty my mind of thoughts, but then what?

1:10:43 I wonder if you visualise the buddhas in your meditation practice and do you have any suggestions if you do ?