How the Buddha Would Deal With Anxiety and Depression, Similarities Between Psychology and Buddhism and more… (Q&A Session August’18)

Duration 1:8:9

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

1:28 Are there suttas that specifically address householders?

16:33 How would the Buddha deal with the suffering of mental illness, e.g. depression and anxiety?

34:37 Is getting off the hedonistic treadmill a big part of what Buddhism is about? Maybe meditation, virtue, and cutting off things like TV, movies, overeating, and guilty pleasures can interrupt our constant cravings and uneasiness. Am I on to something?

41:18 In your anatta video you’ve mentioned having a degree in western psychology – do you find that there are insights in psychology that can translate well to Buddhism and vice-versa?

59:28 At work I sometimes deal with people that have personality changes due to organic diseases like stroke, brain metastasis or dementia. They often develop negative behaviour like paranoia and aggression due to the changes in the brain which causes a lot of suffering for them and their relatives. I wonder if and how this influences their karma especially because the destructive emotions are mainly caused by organic changes in the brain.