How Does Buddhism Interpret Dreams, How to Do Well At Work Without Attachment to the Outcome and more… (Q&A Session December’18)

Duration 1:1:56

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

1:26 How can I do well at my work, and not be attached to the outcome? I’m much better than I used to be thanks to this practice but still find myself getting angry or disappointed when a project doesn’t work out the way I want it to or I think someone is not satisfied with my work to name a few things. It seems the effort required to be successful at work runs counter to what we’re trying to cultivate in our practice.

17:38 How does Buddhism look at and/or use dreams? I am more in touch with my dreams lately and have had several vivid dreams with Buddhist symbols in it. Does Buddhism do dream interpretation?

30:51 I have hit a wall in my meditation practice. My concentration does not seem as strong as it was. I can easily find my mind has gently slipped off into a dream, and pull it back – but it doesn’t stay there for long. I suspect my mind has become very bored of my meditation object (breath) and seeking something more academically interesting.

45:37 I have read quite a few books on Buddhism and meditate fairly regularly. But I find it difficult to convert the theory or path into a daily life practice. Apart from meditating regularly can you suggest say 4 things to try and do and focus on to really bring Buddhism into your life.

55:18 Is it possible to have a strong karmic connection to another person? I mean like meeting someone and being sure you always have known them. As if by seeing them you “remember” them again?