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The Enthusiastic Buddhist Society is a place where you can find concise, inspiring and easy to understand teachings on Buddhism. Topics include teachings on meditation, Buddhist theory and what it means to live a Buddhist life. Our videos and guided meditations can help you to quickly learn the basics of Buddhism so you can see if the Buddha’s teachings are something you want to explore further.

If you decide that you want to take your learning to a deeper level, you can become a member by purchasing a monthly or yearly membership. This will give you access to more in-depth teachings and access to a community for support, which is provided by our private Facebook group. We also run meditation challenges to help inspire you to become consistent in your practice and hold Q&A sessions where you can ask questions about Buddhism and meditation.

Mindah was raised by a Malaysian-Chinese mother and Australian father. Although her uncle introduced her to Buddhism in her teenage years, it was until her late 20s that she suddenly realized that Buddhism was something she wanted to seriously study and practice. After only a year of practice, Mindah became ordained as a nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and went into solitary meditation retreat. Overall, she spent a total of three years in retreat. Towards the end of her retreat, it became clear to her that she wanted to teach Buddhism and in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to other people. So she set about creating a YouTube channel, called The Enthusiastic Buddhist, and started posting regular videos to it.

A lot of Mindah’s study and practice has been in the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism, but she first started out in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. She owes her deep understanding of the fundamentals of Buddhism to the Theravada teachers she followed. Mindah teaches in an eclectic manner to help give you exposure to each of the different schools, so you can decide which school is better suited to you.

While Mindah has practiced Buddhism intensively for over sixteen years, she prefers to be seen as a spiritual friend, rather than a teacher. She hopes that her personal style in delivering the teachings is a catalyst for you to better understand the Buddha’s teachings, that it inspires you to practice and encourages you to look for esteemed teachers within your local area.

Although all the Buddhist schools teach the same principles on how to become awakened and be more compassionate and wise, they follow different texts and have different teachings and practices. This website covers teachings from all the three main Buddhist schools of Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana to help introduce you to the wonderful methods that are found in all three schools. This is a great way to determine which school you might want to explore further.

Please note, that some teachings, specifically Vajrayana may not be available yet. As this site continues to build and further teachings are added, we will begin exploring the more esoteric teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism, after first delivering teachings on the foundations of meditation and Buddhist practice. If you are looking for initiations or empowerments to do Vajrayana practices, it is recommended you look for an esteemed teacher in your local area.

You can watch over 8 hours of video for free on our site without becoming a member. These publicly available videos were originally created for Mindah’s YouTube channel. Simply navigate to any one of our different Series (e.g. the Beginner’s Roadmap series, Meditation series, Life as a Buddhist series, etc.) and watch the videos that are publicly available there.

However, if you wish to access exclusive video and audio teachings, as well as, our private Facebook community and Q&A sessions, you will need to become a member. Membership gives you more in-depth teachings of Buddhism and meditation, as well as, access to our online community of practitioners who can help support you in your practice. For more on the benefits of membership, visit our Getting Started page.


As a member you will have access to:

* Exclusive in-depth video teachings on Buddhism and meditation from Mindah – A library of over 100 videos, including more than 55 video teachings you will not find on The Enthusiastic Buddhist YouTube channel.

* The Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator Guide – an inspirational tool and detailed roadmap to help you identify where you are in terms of your practice and what steps you need to make to get to the next stage.

* Monthly meditation challenges – to provide inspiration and accountability and help you become more consistent in your practice.

* Guided meditations to help focus and deepen your practice

* Live Q&A sessions – currently held every second month

* And access to our private Facebook Group – a community of like-minded people for motivation and support

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You can sign up for a membership by going to the Sign Up page and choosing either a monthly or yearly plan. Payments can be made with a credit card or via PayPal.

Once you purchase a membership to The Enthusiastic Buddhist Society, you will gain access to all the members-only video and audio content on our site. You will be taken to a ‘Thank You’ page where our introductory videos will welcome you and give you a tour of our site. You’ll also gain access to the Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator guide. You can use the guide to access material on our site that is most relevant to your stage of practice, or simply browse through our different series (e.g. Buddhist Theory, Meditation) and access these teachings. If you’re completely new, you might want to follow the “Beginner’s Roadmap” series to become familiar with the Buddha’s teachings.

As a member, you will also be able to access our “Broadcast” and “Community” sections to see details about our next Q&A session and how to access our private Facebook community.

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You’re welcome to watch any of the material that takes your interest, however, most of the videos were created to follow a sequential order and build on the knowledge of the former ones. The Beginner’s Roadmap is a good place to start. After finishing this Series you should have a good grasp of some of the Buddhist fundamentals, making other videos you watch more easily understandable and meaningful.

There is a lot of great material on the internet that is free – agreed! But the information is often delivered in a random way, making it even more confusing to see how the teachings and practices relate to each other.

The Enthusiastic Buddhist Society covers the most essential material in Buddhism to help you to understand and implement the most important teachings into your life. We offer a complete roadmap to help you make progress in your study and practice. We take out the confusion, so all you need to do is start practicing!

A membership also gives you additional benefits. It allows you to ask questions and clarify your understanding with members in our private Facebook community and in the live Q&A sessions with Mindah. Having access to a community of like-minded people is an essential support for your practice, especially when you’re just starting out.

As part of your subscription, you will also receive our Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator guide, and you can participate in our monthly meditation challenges. Our aim is to provide you with amazing tools and resources to help you stay focused, inspired and motivated in your practice.

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There are over 8 hours of video for you to enjoy on our site for free. These can help you to quickly understand the fundamentals of Buddhism and establish a meditation practice. By becoming a member you will be supporting the creation of new content and allow us to hire extra hands.

Historically, ever since the Buddha’s time, Buddhist teachers have always needed support to ensure the teachings could be transmitted. Your membership will allow Mindah to continue offering inspiring, practical and in-depth teachings in her unique style, and continue this valuable tradition which can have far-reaching benefits for many.

We hope you will get tremendous value by becoming a member. Once you become a member of The Enthusiastic Buddhist Society, you will have access to our Transformation of a Buddhist Meditator guide. You can use this guide to find material on our site that is most relevant to where you are in your practice. We also encourage you to participate in our Facebook community, ask questions and take part in our monthly meditation challenges as a way of helping you to stay focused and motivated in your meditation practice. Furthermore, to maximize the benefits of your membership, it’s highly recommended that you try to do a daily meditation practice, even if it’s only short.

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