If We Can’t Live on Earth Where Would Our Consciousnesses Go, What is the Buddhist View on Love and Marriage and more… (Q&A Session April’19)

Duration 1:29:7

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

2:55 If the Earth were to become unsuitable for life, what would happen to all the consciousnesses? Where were our consciousnesses before Earth? On a distant habitable planet?

21:45 Is Buddhism based on virtue ethics, consequentialism or a duty ethics?

41:25 What is a Buddhist’s view on love and marriage? How do you know if the love you feel for someone is based on Dharma or sensual desire? Can there be romance in a Buddhist relationship?

59:54 We see today great suffering in the world caused by global warming, political oppression and many other factors. As Buddhists, is there an obligation to speak out?

1:13:07 The Buddha says that a person of integrity will not speak about another person’s bad points. But by not disclosing their negative behavior, I feel like I am an accomplice in the bad things they do. How do you deal when confronted with questions about negative experiences that require you to talk negatively of others?