Can You Share More About Your Solitary Retreats, How Can We Incorporate Prayer Into Daily Practice and more… (Q&A Session April’20)

Duration 1:54:

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

5:37 What does Buddhism have to say about the question of objective vs subjective morality?

16:21 What are your views on prayer in Buddhism and what are the best ways to start incorporating prayer into daily practice?

36:47 Since I began my meditation practice 4 years ago, I have felt strongly pulled towards Buddhist philosophy. Recently I have felt strongly compelled to discover for myself how we are all connected. I can see how we are connected physically through our need of the 4 basic elements of Earth, air, light and water to survive, and have learned how we all share the same basic desires, to gain happiness and avoid suffering. But I feel compelled that we are also connected somehow through conscience, but don’t yet understand how. Is this in line with Buddhist philosophy?

1:03:39 I’d like to know more about your solitary retreats. Especially how they compared with Tibetans spending retreats in caves. Things like: 1) On average, how many hours/day did you meditate? 2) Did you live 24/7 in your solitary retreat quarters? 3) When you had questions, were you able to speak with a teacher, or did you have to wait until the retreat ended? 4) Did you have food and drink with you, or were they brought to you, or did you have to go get them from somewhere? 5) How did solitary meditation compare with meditating with the sangha? 6) Did you have any profound insights? (even if they only pertained to you)?

1:50:13 Can you please explain prostrations? I assume they have to do with accumulating merit?