Can Psychopaths Cultivate Compassion and Is There a Recommended Structure When Doing Analytical Meditations and more… (Q&A Session November’21)

Duration 40:56

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

3:52 I always wondered what people who have different states of the mind naturally would fit into Buddhist practice, mainly psychopaths. As we know psychopaths cannot feel compassion, at least is the general claim, because of the way their brain is structured. When I look at people like Charles Manson, Hitler, etc., I feel a sense of disturbed sorrow, that they seem to have this inability to feel love and compassion and train the mind to feel those things stronger. Years of spiritual meditation and practice can do wonders for the brain that go beyond regular human emotion, so is there any insight into how Buddhism in some way can help the awakening of any kind of seed for compassion?

14:29 I would like to ask if you regard the metta bhavana as an analytical meditation? Is there a particular structure or program you would recommend when engaging in analytical meditations rather than dipping in and out at random?

24:06 Do you know of a sutra or any other material that can answer ‘What is the sangha’?

33:37 What’s your view on “self”? Is there one?