Can Non-Monogamy Be Ethical From a Buddhist Perspective, If Buddhists Don’t Idol Worship Why Have Buddha Statues and more… (Q&A Session August’22)

Duration 1:9:48

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

3:48 I live in the West and for the past several years, I have interacted with many colleagues and friends who practice “ethical non-monogamy”, polyamory and other forms of non-monogamous arrangements with multiple partners. This has become quite a trend in tech circles and in current celebrity culture. From the Buddhist perspective, could non-monogamy ever be ethical? If yes, under what conditions? And if not, why not?

21:45 I have always understood that Buddhists do not idol worship. And I am aware of the wonderful monuments and statues of the Buddha’s image. Please help me to understand.

32:15 You may probably recall that I shared the status of my meditation practices last year. It’s a year now since I started seriously doing the practice, I can do a 40 mins session now without numbness anymore however there are still too many thoughts coming and going. I let the thoughts passed through without developing them and refocused on the breaths. However, I don’t feel there is improvement. Is there anything I need to do differently to tame my monkey mind?

44:54 I’ve been reading about how our consciousness creates our world. Also, how “signs” are not the real thing. And names are not the real thing either, like your video. So, do all our senses lie to us? If I see a bird, for instance, is it not what I see? If it’s singing, is that a lie my ears tell me?

53:59 Is it absolutely necessary that I choose a Buddhist school? I began my Dharma journey in Theravada but now find myself immersed in Mahayana and Vajrayana. I find peace, compassion, and wisdom in all the Buddhist traditions and therefore hesitate to call myself a Theravada/Mahayana/Vajrayana Buddhist. Can’t I just call myself a Universal Buddhist?

1:00:20 If the multiverse is real, does that mean that there are an endless number of Buddhas in endless alternate universes?