Buddhist View on Exercise, How to Calm an Agitated Mind and more… (Q&A Session September’18)

Duration 1:6:18

Questions answered during our Q&A session:

2:13 How can we calm the mind quickly if the mind is feeling agitated?

11:55 Did the Buddha really say don’t be angry even if someone is cutting off our limbs? How can we practice this?

20:05 After the recent scandals, I have given up my association with my first Buddhist teachers. How necessary is it to have a teacher with whom you have direct contact?

33:04 What is the Buddhist view on exercise? Is it okay to exercise for the purpose of keeping a healthy body?

47:14 What is the proper way to offload non-Buddhist items from my pre-Buddhist life, like guns, fishing rods, etc? They are not cheap items to necessarily destroy and throw away. Perhaps I can give them away to friends who use these already. But I am concerned about not encouraging others down an inappropriate path.

59:38 If our job, like being an author, involves thinking like an evil character. Is that bad karma? What practice can be done to lessen any negative karma created?